map tecumseh

Mount Tecumseh – White Mountains, NH

Elevation – 4,003′

We were saving Tecumseh for a rainy day as we heard it doesn’t give you great views. It is true the summit doesn’t offer views but there are sections on a nice day that you could get a couple views. Plus you have the option to take Sosman Trail over to the ski slope side of the mountain and that offers some nice views as well. However, we didn’t know that so we hiked up Tecumseh in the rain. This hike is the one I like to refer to as 1million stairs. I felt like the entire hike was just rock stairs all the way up. Due to the weather and how slippery wet rocks are we decided to take Sosman Trail over and walk the Waterville Valley Ski slope down. Not sure if this was a better idea or not but we did make it down the mountain in less than two hours but we were soaking wet and the wind gets pretty intense on the ski side. This was a rather short hike, it took us a little under 5 hours to complete this hike.

Tecumseh is a very dog-friendly hike. None of the stairs up are difficult or that far apart. Java also loved running down the ski slope part of the mountain! He even got to sit on his first ski chair lift (it wasn’t moving).  If you’re new to hiking the whites or don’t have much time this is definitely doable in a half day.

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