map east osceola

Osceola – White Mountains, NH

Elevation: 4,340′

East Osceola was a very fun hike, definitely on the easier side for NH 4k footer list but had some challenging sections. We went from Greenley Pond trail up to East Osceola and then grabbed Mount Osceola and turned around. Osceola was a bit more difficult and if you’re hiking with your pup be warned there is a “Chimney” section between East Osceola and Mount Osceola that Java had a bit of trouble going down. He was fine running up the chimney but going down we had to veer off to the left a bit and he was able to do that side fine. There are no real views from East Osceola but Mount Osceola had amazing 360 views! Our GPS said it was 8 miles total. We also had some people tell us the starting on Tripoli Rd and taking the Mount Osceola Trail up is easier but we didn’t have two cars with us to verify that claim.

We saw lots of pups on this trail and Java loved this hike! It was an easy day hike but like I mentioned before, be careful of the Chimney section as I can imagine smaller or older dogs may struggle with this part. The Chimney is located about halfway between Mount Osceola and East Osceola. If you’re going from Osceola to East you will have to go down the chimney and the less steep section will be on the left side. If you’re coming from East Osceola you will have to climb up the Chimney and the easier way would be staying to your right to climb up.


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