Port Jefferson

Port Jeff Map

Port Jefferson – Port Jefferson, NY

I absolutely love this trip. I usually drive down to Bridgeport, CT to catch the Long Island Ferry over to Port Jeff. The best part? The ferry is dog-friendly! at no extra charge you’re allowed to bring your best friend along for the ride. They encourage dogs to stay outside on the ferry, just in case anyone in the main cabin is allergic but I’ve sat with my pup inside on really cold nights without anyyone complaining. Then again, I’ve been on the ferry with someone who was allergic to dogs and they became pretty strict on no dogs in the cabin rule. So, the ferry drops you off at Port Jefferson, NY. Now the real fun begins as this is one of the very few beaches that allows pups in the water year round! I usually walk all the way down to Pirates Cove (about 2miles). It’s a gorgeous walk along the water. Be careful of high tide because you can get trapped and forced to then walk through private property if the water isn’t low enough to stay along the shore. Port Jeff also has a lot of restruants with outdoor seating so you can even eat dinner with your dog there! It’s truely a dog lovers dream come true.

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