North Twin

North Twin Trail Map

North Twin – White Mountains, NH

I think the twins would be my favorite in and out hike I’ve done in New Hampshire. We Parked the car at the very end of Haystack road, Which is right off route 3. The tricky part of this trail was there aren’t any blazes until you reach about 2 miles in. It’s an amazing first 2 miles, you follow the little River almost the entire time, making for a very relaxing and scenic hike. The last two miles up to North Twin is pretty steep and seems to just keep going up but you’re rewarded with an amazing view about 20ft before the actual summit mark.  The actual suimmit doesn’t have a view. The best view you get is from side pockets on the hike.

As most New Hampshire hikes, this one was pretty rocky so be mindful of your pup’s paws. There wasn’t any bouldering or big climbs for this hike so Java had a pretty easy time with it.  Lots of pups were eating lunch on the false summit when we arrived!

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