Mount Cardigan

Mt Cardigan Trail Map

Mt Cardigan State park, NH

Elevation: 3,156′

Mt Cardigan State park was a really fun hike. We drove up Friday night and camped out at the tent site which is really close to the AMC hut. Saturday morning we took the Clark Trail up to Orange Mountain (approximately 2.5 miles) and got some amazing views from Orange. After Orange Mountain summit the hike levelled off a bit onto the Skyland Trail. From Skyland, we hit the summit of Rimrock, which also had fantastic views. We headed over to South Peak and Finished at Mt. Cardigan summit.

Mt Cardigan was amazing with 360 views overlooking New Hampshire. Also, they allow you to go into the fire tower at the top to offer even higher views. The entire summit of Cardigan is bald face rock so be careful during bad weather as it was pretty slick even on a nice day. We then came down the Holt Trail to finish back at the AMC hut. The entire distance was about 6.5 miles

The pups enjoyed this hike very much. There wasn’t really any sections that required them to really scramble or jump up so as long as your pup likes hiking, they should be good on this hike. Also, there is plenty of water on this hike to help the pups cool down as they dip their paws in the streams.

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