Mount Washington

mt washington trail map

Mount Washington – White Mountains, NH

Elevation: 6,288 feet

Mount Washington is a really fun hike but no matter what trail up you take you’re looking at a 12 + mile hike. It’s long, it’s steep and it will tire you out. The last two miles felt like a lifetime to me. After 4000 feet it’s pure rocks and you really have to watch your step. I summited Mt Washington via Tuckerman’s Ravine and loved that trail. It offered great views and was pretty challenging. The only thing I don’t like about Mt. Washington is cars can drive to the summit. I’m not a fan of getting to the top and seeing people who are proud of their cars for making it up.

Like I said, this hike is very rocky and steep so be mindful of your pup’s paws. It’s also above treeline for 4-5 miles so weather can easily be a serious issue. Mt. Washington is home of the world’s worst weather as it’s winters can rival Mt. Everest! On January 16, 2004, the summit weather observation registered a temperature of −43.6 °F and sustained winds of 87.5 mph, resulting in a wind chill value of −102.59 °F! Mount Washington holds the Northern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere records for directly measured surface wind speed at 231 mph, which was recorded on April 12, 1934. Mount Washington, as of 2010, has claimed 137 lives. Not too surprising given the mountain’s severe and unpredictable weather, most of the deaths occurred from hypothermia so please be mindful!

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