Mount Moosilauke


Mount Moosilauke – White Mountains, NH

Elevation: 4,803′

Routes to Mount Moosilauke

Route Distance Elevation Gain Book Time
Round trip by Gorge Brook 7.4 2,400 4:55
Round trip by Gorge Brook (winter) 10.6 2,800 6:40
Round trip by Beaver Brook 7.6 3,100 5:20
Round trip by Glencliff 7.8 3,300 5:30
Round trip by Carriage Road 10.2 3,100 6:40
Round trip by Benton 7.2 3,100 5:10
Loop, Gorge Brook, Carriage Road and Snapper 7.5 2,450 5:00
Loop, Gorge Brook, Beaver Brook and Asquam Ridge 9.6 2,450 6:00
Loop, Benton, Glencliff and Tunnel Brook 13.3 3,100 8:10
Loop, Beaver Brook, Gorge Brook 7.5 3,100 5:20
Loop, Beaver Brook, Glencliff 7.7 3,100 5:25


  • Ravine Lodge – The Ravine Road leaves NH Rt 118 6 miles from the junction with NH Rt 112 and 6 miles from the junction with NH Rt 25.  Parking is along the side of the road, near the Ravine Lodge.  No WMNF parking pass is required when the road is open, but in winter, when the road is gated, a parking pass is needed in the plowed area near 118.  The gate is usually closed from the end of November until early May.  This trailhead serves the Gorge Brook, Snapper, and Asquam Ridge trails.
  • Breezy Point – This is the site of the Moosilauke Inn, now burnt down, and the start of the Carriage Road.  The road leaves NH Rt 118 about 5 miles from the junction with NH Rt 25 in Warren.  There’s a WMNF trail sign at the intersection, follow the road to the end, about 2 miles.
  • Beaver Brook – The AT crosses through Kinsman Notch near the height of land, with a parking lot on the south side.  A WMNF parking pass is needed.
  • Glencliff – Take Rt 25 north from Warren, turning right onto Sanatorium Road.  The trailhead is on the left, next to a field with a WMNF sign.  A WMNF parking pass is not needed.
  • Benton – The trailhead is located on the Tunnel Brook road, off of Noxon Road.  This connects to the junction of NH Rts 116 and 112, north of Kinsman Notch.  A WMNF parking pass is required.


Mount Moosilauke is a really fun day hike that offers amazing views. Java and I took the George Brook trail up and came back down from South Peak via Carriage / Snapper trail. It took us about 5 hours total and was a bit difficult but definitely on the more moderate side for a New Hampshire hike. There weren’t any sections that were too steep but definitely gets rocky when reaching above tree line. This is an awesome dog-friendly hike. My favorite time of year to do this hike is in the fall due to watching all the foliage and capturing the views.


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