Mount Flume


Mt Flume – White Mountains, NH

Elevation: 4’328.

Mt Flume was the first peak we hit doing the pemi loop. The views were amazing and made the long climb up well worth the effort. From the start of the hike to the summit of Mt. Flume was about 6 miles and it’s about a 3,000ft climb up. It was exhausting but as always the nice views keep you going.

This is a great hike for your pup. The incline is gradual and doesn’t require any major bouldering style inclines. It’s a pretty rocky trail so be mindful of your pup’s paws.

Loop Option (10.1 miles)Mt Flume Liberty Loop

Mt. Flume also has a nice loop option trail if you want to make it into a day hike. You can park at the parking area for Flume Slide Trail and take that up to the summit. After mt. flume go across to Mt. Liberty and down Liberty Spring Trail.

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