Galehead Mountain Trail Map

Galehead – White Mountains, NH

Galehead mountain offers some pretty unique views. I really enjoyed summiting Galehead mountain. The best part is if you have some extra cash on your Galehead hut offers some nice refreshments for you. The brownies were my motivation to summit and quickly return for some freshly cooked food. I didn’t even realize how hungry I was but I ended up buying two bowls of soup, 3 cookies, and 2 brownies. I guess that’s what 3 days hiking across 6 of the 4k footers will do to your appetite.

Galehead hut is not dog-friendly so if you’re stopping in for food please be mindful that dogs are not allowed in. Beyond that my pup really enjoyed this hike. Above treeline was pretty rocky so be mindful of your pup’s paws. Really enjoyable hike to the summit.

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