Navi Tails – A pups journey to the outdoor adventures!

08/12/2016 –

IMG_5207IMG_5066I’m happy to introduce the newest member of Hiking With Dogs, Navi!  She’s Born on April 30th, which makes her about 14 weeks old. She’s a Shepard/Boxer mix and weighs almost 15lbs. My plan is to continue updating the page with her progress and photos of how she’s doing with her journey to be a hiker/trail running pup with Java. So keep coming back to this page for updates!

We brought her home one Saturday 08/06/2016 and she’s been absolutely amazing so far. I’m hoping she is going to love the outdoors as much as Java and join me on many hikes and trail runs right along side Java. My main problem, I gotta take my own advice and start slow with her! I already want to bring her everywhere and it’s really difficult to remember that IMG_5171IIMG_5211 can’t push her too far yet. Plus, she has a cough that I want the vet to check out.

We’ve been going on some short walks around the block (from .2miles – .5miles) and she’s doing great. I learned she doesn’t like cars and she prefers to be carried on main roads so I’ve been avoiding high traffic areas for now.

I did bring her to the park so that she would be introduced to water before I gave her her first bath. I didn’t want her introduction of water to be negative so we spent about an hour down by a small river by the house to let her explore the water and see how she liked it. Luckily, she wasn’t scared and had no problems getting her paws dirty!

Her first vet appointment is on Saturday 08/13/2016 and I’ll be discussing the recommended walk and hike distance with her vet so hopefully we can see soon if she will be into hiking!

08/15 – Navi hasn’t made much progress as far as getting any hiking done. She’s been diagnosed with Kennel Cough and has been under treatment for that so exercise has been limited for her. We been continuing the .2-.5 distance walks but she will often sit down and wait to be carried if something scares her or she seems a person or a dog or a leaf or a rock … Yea, leash training has been rough. She also has some worms from her latest test of fecal matter so she’s also dealing with that medication, poor pup! We are going slow with her though and hoping she starts feeling better soon and we can get her a clean bill of health!

08/26 – Navi’s Kennel Cough has finally gone away! She has so much energy now. She loves running in circles and digging up the back lawn. Also, she did her 1st small hike! She went about a mile around Crescent lake with lots of pit stops in the water for quick swims and rest. I brought Java with her and she didn’t need to be picked up once and she did amazing!

09/07 – Navi is about 19 weeks old now and weighs about 20lbs. Her cough is still gone (yay!) and her next vet appointment is on Sat 09/10 so we will see what the vet has to say about her stomach worms! She also did a second hike, this one had some slight elevation gain. Her first hike was pretty flat with no elevation at all. I brought her to Mt. Higby for a slow sunset hike and it was about 1.2 miles total for her and she had no issues on the hike at all. Again it was her and Java and I think she just copies Java cause when he jumps onto certain rocks she watches and then goes the exact same route as him, it’s really cute!

09/23 – Wow, puppy hood goes so fast! At 21 weeks old she’s done about 3 different hikes now and one with pretty good elevation gain and she did amazing! Yesterday I took her to Ragged Mountain after work for a quick 3 mile hike and she was loving every second of it. It’s about 600ft of elevation gain and she didn’t struggle at all! So far it’s been her longest and hardest hike but her progress on the trail has been amazing. Now we just have to work on her recall a bit more so when we do some real back country hiking we can let her off leash knowing her recall will be 100%!

Bonus – After her hike we took her to her first brewery! She absolutely loves people and you can just see her face light up being around so many friendly people. She made so many friends and had such a great time. It makes me really wish more places were dog-friendly as it seems to really bring up the atmosphere of places to have a pup roaming around. Well, she wasn’t really roaming we had her on leash and stuck to one corner as we didn’t want anyone who doesn’t like dogs (do people really not like puppies? is that even possible?) to say anything or get upset at the presence of dogs.

10/31 – Navi is officially 6 months old! I can’t believe how much she’s grown and what an awesome pup she is. She’s developed a very calm personality and just enjoys sitting back and watching things happen. It might be because she has two older brothers that drive her crazy but she definitely acts like a youngest child.  She’s been doing great on hikes. We’ve haven’t been doing a ton of hiking but she’s used to the trails and what’s expected at this point. She hasn’t mastered her recall yet so she’s still always on leash. She also LOVES other people. Any stranger that walks by she pounces on and tries to run into their arms. Which is cute while she’s a puppy but I don’t think most people are going to appreciate that action when she’s 50lbs (if she gets that big). Also, we are celebrating Navi’s first Halloween! She was Batman and looked adorable!

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