Mount Washington State Forest

Mount Washington State Forest Trail Map

Mount Washington State Forest – South Egremont, MA

In my opinion Mt. Washington State Forest is a very underrated hiking area. I really enjoyed this hike and it had a lot to offer but with a surprisingly little amount of information available online. My first time in the area I parked up by Mt. Washington State Forest Headquarters, set up the tent at the camping spot nearby and ventured off into the trail for a long day hike and came back to my tent spot that night. The next day I woke up and drove over to Bash Bish Falls.

The second time I parked off of East Street to begin the hike on Mt. Frissel Trail. I decided to do a 12-mile loop so it ended up being an overnight hike camping in the same spot I did on my first trip. Day 1 started at 8am hitting Round Mountain summit around 9:30am and peaked Mt. Frissel by 11:00am. I took the White Blaze down to Alander Mountain and took Alander Mountain Trail down to the campsite. I reached the Campsite around 7:30pm and set up tent. The next morning I wasn’t feeling that great so I ended up just walking the East Street back to the car instead of taking the Charcoal Pit Trail to the Ashley Hill Trail as I originally planned.

It was a very scenic hike and besides the first 3 miles, is wasn’t that difficult. We didn’t see many other people or dogs on the trail but Java had no issues with any of the climbs. This area of Massachusetts seems very dog-friendly and I have never had an issue bringing my pup around with me. Java and I even grabbed a slice of pizza after one of our hikes and the pizza owner gave Java his own slice for free!



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