Mount Tom


 Mount Tom – Holyoke, MA

Elevation: 1,201′

As far as in and out trails go Mt. Tom is probably my favorite. My usual for this hike is to enter through the Rte 141 entrance and take the scenic drive up Christopher Clark Rd until the parking lot near the picnic area. I like starting with the M-M trail on the side with the summit due to its awesome views. You’re practically on the rock ledges the entire hike overlooking what feels like all of New England. The tower on this side is pretty interesting as it looks like an old building out of a zombie apocalypse movie with the beat up foundation and wire fence around it. It’s about 3.5 miles from the parking area to the tower.

The nice thing about this hike is after you complete the M-M trail on that side you can walk back over to the other side of the parking area and complete the opposite side that also has a nice viewing tower and some cool old ruins laying around to check out. So whether you want an easy hike around the pond or an all day hike this park definitely has it’s range of options for all. Plus, it’s super pup friendly! We always run into plenty of dogs on this trail.

I have made some loop trails on the smaller trails in the park. If I enter through the main entrance, I’ll take the Bray Loop up to Keystone to the DOC and eventually hit the M-M trail to the tower and go back down some other mixture of those small trails around the main entrance parking area.


Daily Parking Fee: $5 MA Vehicle, $6 non-MA Vehicle. You can park for free outside the gate on the Route 144 entrance but that area fills up quickly. I usually park across the street near Mt. Joe To Go. Note: I highly recommend you stopping for a smoothie and food at Mt. Joe To Go!


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