Mount Greylock

mt greylock trail map

Mount Greylock – Lanesborough, MA

Elevation: 3,491 feet

Mount Greylock is the highest peak in Massachusetts! I’ve hiked Mount Greylock twice now. My first loop indicated above and the second loop below. It is a fun hike, not one of my favorites but worth the experience. I’m not a fan of hikes that you can drive to the top just due to it not feeling as big of an accomplishment since once you summit you’re surrounded by cars instead of open solitude. Also, dogs are encouraged to be on leash due to cars never being too far away. Both times I hiked Greylock there were park rangers out asking people to keep their dogs leashed at all times. The park ranger did mention that there has been some black bears, bobcats, and lynx spottings on the mountain so for your pups safety, keep them on the leash.




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