Bash Bish Falls State Park

Bash Bish Falls Hiking Trail Map

Bash Bish Falls – Mt Washington State Forest, MA

In the extreme south-west corner of the state are a cluster of state parks noted for their spectacular scenery and breathtaking views. Located here is Bash Bish Falls, one of Massachusetts’ most dramatic and its highest single-drop waterfall. Cascading water tumbles through a series of gorges and a hemlock-hardwood ravine forest, and then drops about 60 feet into a pool below.

Bash Bish falls has two parking lots, in two states that are about a mile apart. One is in MA, the other is in NY.  The NY parking lot is a bit longer, way easier and the trail is wider. The MA park lot is a bit of a climb but a little shorter in distance (1 mile vs 1.5 miles).

Let’s start with the MA parking lot. At the very beginning, you will be guided by “scenic view” sign. This leads you to some pretty awesome views overlooking Bash Bish gorge. After checking out the views, head back down to the parking lot and go all the way to the far end to get on the trail for the falls. The blue blaze leads you right down into the falls and it’s only about half a mile before you see the fall.

This is a dog-friendly hike but it gets very crowded in the summer with lots of children and families. It’s a very easy hike but has lots of trails in Mt. Washington State Forest so you can check out Bash Bish after doing some harder hikes too.

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