Let’s all go for a hike with our pups!

Hiking With Dogs is about getting outside with your pup and enjoying the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small park or Mount Katahdin, it’s about the time you spend with your pup outside.  The great thing about owning a dog is that they force you to get outside to at least walk them, but walking your pup doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be an exciting experience for both of you! Statistically, dog owners are more active overall than non-dog owners and dog owners who walk their dogs regularly have one-third the risk of diabetes than those who don’t own a dog! So, I hope this blog gives you the motivation to try a new place to bring your pup and enjoy some time outside with them.

Java, My Hiking Partner!

The pup you see in all the pictures is my pup, Java! He was born on November 30th, 2011. He was a rescue pup from an awesome rescue group in Connecticut, Sadie Mae Foundation. His paper work says he’s a husky mix but that’s all I know, beyond that he’s a mutt to me. I got Java when he was 6 weeks old and from the very beginning we began training for hiking and trail running.  We started with small hikes around Connecticut that were more just a walk in the woods. Wasn’t until he was about 6 months old I started putting some incline to our hikes. At about 1 year we began running trails and doing over night hikes. He’s truly an amazing dog and I hope to one day be able travel the world with him so we can hike and post about all our cool adventures!

Hiking With Dogs

Hiking With Dogs

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