St Johns Ledges

st john's ledges trail map

St Johns Ledges – Kent, CT

This trail was a bit hard for me to find, so here are the directions:

Directions: Go to the center of Kent, CT. Most of you will likely take Route 7 although some may approach due east or west and in that case will likely arrive via Route 341. From the center of Kent take Route 341 west following the signs for Kent School. About a half mile out of town is Kent School. Just over the bridge that spans the Housatonic River is Skiff Mountain Road. Take a right onto Skiff Mountain Road if you want to try the Skiff Mountain Road access or St. John’s Cliffs access to Caleb’s Peak. 1 mile up Skiff Mountain is a dirt road on the right side (River Road). This is the road to St. John’s Cliffs. Follow the dirt road for one and a half miles and parking for St. John’s will be clearly visible on your left.

Also, it’s a pretty long trail. and without two cars it gets way longer if you want a loop trail. When I went, I didn’t know much about the trail so I parked on Rt 341 and stayed pretty much on the AT until I hit Skiff Mtn Road and walked the whole road back. I think total it was around 15miles long. Its a pretty long hike and spots do get difficult but the road back was flat and scenic.

I’ve only hiked this trail once, and my pup did fine. It wasn’t extremely challenging, some parts were steep. It is a long hike and you really only get views when you hit Caleb’s Peak, which is about 4 miles in.


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