Session Woods

session woods map

Session Woods –  Burlington, CT

Session woods is a really nice wildlife management area. Sessions Woods focuses on conservation education. They offer facilities for school groups, the general public, and natural resource professionals.  Sessions Woods offers conservation education programs that use the expertise of Wildlife Division and other DEEP natural resource management staff. Session woods facilities include an education center with an exhibit area and a large meeting room, as well as interpretive trails, and habitat management demonstration sites. If you follow the Beaver Pond trail you will notice a lot of the outdoor classrooms clearly marked on the side of the trail.

They do allow dogs on leash on this trail. It’s about a 2-mile loop on the Beave Pond Trail. Most the path is pretty wide and often see runners and cyclist on the trail. The tower at the halfway point on the Beaver Pond Trail is worth stopping at as it offers pretty awesome views of the area. I also like taking some time to stop at the Beaver Marsh and walking along those side trails. The waterfall area is a pretty nice stop off area too.


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