Rockwell Park

Rockwell Park Map

Rockwell Park – Bristol, CT

Bark Park

Rockwell is an awesome park to bring your pup because it has a bark park inside! The dog park has two sections, one for small dogs and one for big dogs. The bigger dog section is pretty large and dogs love running up and down the hill in the park. I’ve never seen the bark park too crowded, at most 7 dogs but I don’t usually bring my pup to dog parks during busy times.

Rockwell Park

The whole park is pretty nice and has a nice foot path you can walk around the entire park. It has a small pond, a skate park, a stadium, a basketball court, two baseball fields, a pool, and lots of open field space. Also, Bristol holds some summer festivals there so it does get really crowded at times.

Great dog park for all pups. Lots of room to walk around and well maintained. It’s worth checking out with your pup if you’re in the area.

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