Rails to Trails

Rail To Trails Map

The trail crosses the following roads, providing access:

Street Town Coordinates
Main Street East Hampton 41.5755°N 72.5004°W
Watrus Street
Smith Street parking area 41.5782°N 72.4924°W
Bull Hill Road Colchester parking area 41.5655°N 72.4430°W
River Road parking area; railroad bridge 41.5805°N 72.4249°W
River Road
Route 149 parking area 41.5850°N 72.4000°W
On road: under Route 2 via Route 149 Hebron
Old Hartford Road parking area 41.5918°N 72.3914°W
Grayville Road parking area 41.6147°N 72.3664°W
Old Colchester Road parking area 41.6204°N 72.3598°W
Route 85 parking area 41.6322°N 72.3437°W
North Pond Road 41.6336°N 72.3430°W
Route 207 parking area 41.6397°N 72.3395°W
Leonard Bridge Road Lebanon parking area 41.6525°N 72.3032°W
Chesbro Bridge Road parking area 41.6629°N 72.2902°W
Route 87 Columbia 41.6742°N 72.2681°W
Cook Hill Road Lebanon parking area 41.6852°N 72.2651°W
Village Hill Road parking area 41.6973°N 72.2511°W
Kingsley Road 41.7085°N 72.2418°W
Temp. end of trail. Willimantic R. bridge out

Rails to Trails is pretty amazing, it’s 56 miles long and stretches form new haven to the CT/MA border where it then continues as the Southwick Rail Trail. Most of the trail is Asphalt, crushed stone, gravel, grass, and cinder. It’s usually a pretty wide trail and very easy walking. Lots of bikers and runners on this trail.

Lots of pups on this trail as well as people. It’s rather wide and crosses many streets so keep your pup close to you.

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