Nevers Park

nevers park map

Nevers Park/Sand Hill – South Windsor, CT

Bark Park

Nevers Park is a great place to bring your pup because it has a fenced in, off-leash, Bark Park! If you drive all the way to the last parking area on Chief Ryan Way, you’ll see the dog park right in front of all the cars. The dogs at this park, in my experience, have always been pleasant. If you prefer to keep your dog on leash, Never’s park does have a trail you can walk your pup on.


The green trail is also a nice loop you can bring your pup on to see the rest of the park and get some more energy out. It’s a very easy path and gets crowded at times. There are a lot of runners on this trail as well. Because of the dog park, you will always see plenty of dogs in the area! The park also has many other amenities you will pass on the trail such as a baseball park and a mini climbing wall.

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