Mile of Ledges and Tory’s Den


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Mile of Ledges and Tory’s Den – Burlington, CT

Mile of Ledges and Tory’s Den is a pretty fun Connecticut hike. It doesn’t have the best views in the summer as trees block a lot of the views. The landscape and terrain of this hike really do make up for the lake of views, it feels like you’re always climbing over some rocks and through narrow tunnels.

I like to hike this loop clockwise to hit Tory’s Den in the beginning of the hike and follow the blue and yellow trail down to Greer Rd. At the end it almost looks like you’re coming down the mountain onto someone’s property but if you stay on the trail you shoot out right on the street. Then you walk about .6 down Greer and you’ll see a small marsh pond on your right side and up on the tree will have a small trail map of the marsh trails. From there I jump on the blue trail and follow that back to the parking area.

This is a great hike for pups and beginner hikers looking for a slight challenge without too much elevation gain at once. It does require slight rock scrambles but nothing too strenuous. My pup loves this hike. I’ve run into some hunters at this hike though so be careful during hunting season and keep your pup close to you!


If you hike this counter clockwise finding the blue and yellow trail off of Greer Rd is a bit difficult, you have to basically walk all the way down and right before you hit the dead end you will see the blue and yellow blazes. Also, about .3 up the mountain the yellow dot trail splits off from the blue/yellow. Make sure to follow the Blue/Yellow trail to head back to the parking area.


There is a parking area for this trail right off East Plymouth Rd. There isn’t a ton of parking at the trailhead, maybe fits like 4 cars but if you drive down a bit most people just pull off the side and park along the road.


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