King Phillip’s Cave

King Phillip's Cave

King Phillip’s Cave – Simsbury, CT

“In 1676, Indian disputes erupted into King Philip’s War, and in March Simsbury was attacked by a group of Philip’s warriors and burned to the ground. According to legend, their leader, King Philip, sat in the large cave on the Mountain to view the spectacle. It is still called the Metacomet Ridge.”

When I hike to King Phillip’s Cave (red markings on the map above) I like parking down by the helicopter landing pad (the circle spot on the map with the second “P”). When visiting Talcott Mountain I always take the unmarked trail and cut off to check out King Phillips Cave. The entrance to King Phillips is about .3-.6 into the hike. It’s not marked but if you keep your eye out you’ll see a small side path. Turn right onto the unmarked path and go another .5 miles you’ll see a small cave than .2 more is the big cave with ropes hanging down. It’s worth checking out and it isn’t a difficult path, just narrow.

Going to the cave isn’t a popular trail and it’s very easy. However, if you plan on hiking the rest of Talcott Mountain you will run into many other people and dogs! Also, to get into the larger cave you have to climb a rope so keep that in mind if you’re travelling with your pup. However, if your pup can jump up you guys can definitely get into the smaller cave!

**Distance and trail markings are approximate as this is an unmarked trail.

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