Kent Falls

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Kent Falls State Park – Kent, CT

Kent Falls is a very enjoyable park for the whole family. It’s a very short walk in the woods. I took the white trail up, which follows the waterfall on the right side and the top was about .5 miles in. It’s got a bunch of overlook platforms but they are strict on not letting anyone near the actual waterfall. It also has a bunch of stairs so be ready for some stair exercise. Once I reached the top you can walk .05 across Dugan Rd to jump on the red trail going down. The red trail doesn’t have any stairs so be careful going down as it is a steeper slope down. The yellow trail is a lot more gradual decline and offers a nice walk in the woods feel to it.

This is a dog friendly park but be aware there are a lot of kids and families here so your dog has to be on leash the entire time. It’s also a very short hike, total is about 2 miles. Lastly, you do have to pay to park in season. Parking fee is in effect weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend through October 31.


Kent Falls, located in the northeastern section of the town of Kent, is a series of waterfalls on a mountain stream known as Falls Brook. The stream begins in the town of Warren, draining an area of six or seven square miles. It then flows west to the big fall where it plunges approximately 70 feet in a dramatic cascade. From here the stream descends in a series of lesser falls and cascades to the valley, where it enters the Housatonic River some 200 feet below the brink of the big fall only a quarter mile away. Much of the limestone over which the brook flows has been carved into interesting shapes including numerous potholes of all sizes.

The Indian name of this area is “Scatacook” and there is considerable evidence that Native Americans fished and camped by the falls. Later, in colonial times, mills were also present along the brook.

Acquisition of the park began in 1919 with the gift of 200 acres by the White Memorial Foundation. Other parcels were donated or purchased until the present 295 acres were acquired. The area was developed in the 1930’s by the Civil Works Administration. In the mid nineteen-seventies, considerable trail reconstruction was done by the Youth Conservation Corps of Connecticut. The covered bridge is an authentic reproduction built in 1974 by a park employee, Edmund Palmer.

The flow in the cascade at Kent is normally heaviest in the spring when the winter snow is melting. However, the falls can be dramatic at any time of the year, particularly after substantial rainstorms. Fall foliage season is also an excellent time to enjoy the area. Because of its exceptional scenic qualities, Kent Falls has been featured in a number of magazine and television advertisements. Source.

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