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Hubbard Park – Meriden, CT

Hubbard Park is a very popular hike in Connecticut. I would say second most popular, just below Sleeping Giant. The good thing is there are a lot of trails and it’s a really well-kept park. If you come in off of West Main Street and drive all the way up to point “A” on the map it brings you to the trailhead. The pond will be on your right side with a million geese in it. If you take the white trail up it crosses the bridge right over I-691. The tower and road are open from May 1st through October 31st from 10:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

West Peak – Elevation: 1,024′

I like to do the west peak first. There’s usually less people at west peak because it doesn’t have the tower but it offers amazing views! It’s easy to miss the trail that goes to the west peak. It’s the blue trail but coming from the white it’s on your left side and easier to spot if you continue to look over your left shoulder. The blue trail that you will likely see first (but is actually after the trail to west peak) is the on that goes to East Peak. The west peak trail curves back a bit and then gets pretty steep with some nice rock scrambles in it.

East Peak / Castle Craig – Elevation: 976

The East peak trail is also pretty steep coming from the white trail and basically has you climbing a rocky incline for almost half a mile before putting you back on regular dirt. I like to do the west peak first, then take the road (marked in black trail marks on the map) to the backside of East Park to spend some time at Castle Craig and come back down the blue trail to make a fun loop. It’s about 6 miles total. Or if you want to continue on the road it does loop all the way around toward the Merimere Reservoir (Park Drive Road) and eventually back into the main park. Just turn right after walking under I-691.

This is a good hike for pups, it does get steep and sections are pretty rocky but it isn’t too difficult and the road does allow for a bail out option if the trail is too hard for you or your pup.



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