Giuffrida Park


Giuffrida Park – Meriden, CT

Lamination Mountain – Elevation: 719ft

Doctor Francis Giuffrida Park actually contains two separate mountains, Lamentation Mountain and Chauncey Peak. Lamentation Mountain is the less crowded mountain with some pretty good views. I like to take the blue trail up the side and come down the yellow trail at the summit. Be warned, the yellow trail is difficult to find as you get engulfed in the views. When you see leftover firewood/burn spots begin looking for the yellow trail off to your left. Once I take the yellow trail down to the lake I take the white back up to the blue trail on the other side leading up to Chauncey Peak. The blue trail that goes across Lamination Mountain is part of the 50 mile long Mettabesett trail.

Chauncey Peak –Elevation: 689ft

Chauncey Peak trail is a very nice climb with nice views overlooking Crescent Lake and views on the other side overlooking the Quarry. At the summit of Chauncey there is a trail leading almost straight down to the parking lot. It’s VERY steep and rocky so be careful. The total distance of both mountains combined is about 6 miles, with each side being about 3 miles long. Lamentation trail is a bit longer the Chauncey peak. Also, there is a white trail that circles around the lake, it’s about 1.5 miles from start to finish and pretty easy navigation.

This is a really great hike to bring your pup on. They are strict about keeping your pup on leash and I’ve seen park rangers out giving tickets to pup parents who have their pups off leash. Giuffrida park is a very enjoyable hike and always a lot of dogs around. Dogs are not allowed to swim in Crescent Lake as it provides emergency drinking water for residents of Meriden.


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