Crescent Lake


Crescent Lake – Southington, CT

Crescent Lake is a really scenic easy hike. The red trail hugs the lake and is about a mile long. It’s a popular fishing spot so the trail gets a bit crowded in the summer time. I like taking the orange trail as it’s a bit longer and less crowded. Also, if you take the orange trail it connects to the blue blazed Metacomet trail. Following the blue for a bit gives you a beautiful view over the entire lake. There is a bit of a steep incline prior to the view but it is well worth the effort. Also, don’t stay on the Metacomet trail for too long or it won’t loop you back to the parking lot so keep an eye out for the orange trail again after leaving the summit. Lastly, the red trail does get really muddy and mosquitoes can get bad too.

This is a fun hike for pups and I usually see about 5-6 other dogs on this trail at all times. Crescent lake does have a hunting season so if you bring your pup during that time period make sure to be wearing bright colors and stay on the marked trail.

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