Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain – Salisbury, CT

Bear mountain is an absolutely beautiful hike. It’s about 6.7 miles long and offers some amazing views. I love that it crosses with the Appalachian trail and Bear Mountain is the tallest Mountain in CT! At the summit of Bear Mountain, there is a stone building that was built in  1885 that stands about 8ft high and doesn’t offer much cover for bad weather. On clear days you can see to the north in Massachusetts are Mt. Race (to the right) and Everett (to the left). To the west is Mt. Frissell and to the south-west is Mt. Gridley. Lastly, be on the lookout for blueberries along the trail!

this is a very dog-friendly hike. After the summit, if you’re going clockwise, toward paradise lane trail, it does get a bit steep with small switchbacks but I’ve seen many small dogs do the scramble just fine. I think it may be harder on humans to do as it takes time to get your footing correct.

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